Source: Cambridge Times

Thursday, August 12, 2021 – The city's smart water meter project will hit the next phase this fall.

According to a city release, a new customer engagement portal will be launched to provide homeowners with the ability to view water consumption trends in "near real time" and notification of leaks in the home based on high consumption.

The portal works on an Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) system, which creates a smart water meter radio network that provides data analysis, faster and more accurate billing, alerts for possible leak or flow problems, and remote meter reading that eliminates the need for water meter reading contracts.

Now, the city has to play catch-up with installing the new water meters.

To manage the installation of the smart water meter project, launched in 2019, the city entered into a contract agreement with ICONIX Waterworks. Homeowners and businesses received letters with details on how to book an appointment to install smart water meters.

Due to ongoing delays due to pandemic, the release stated, the project’s original completion date of end 2020 was revised to the end of 2021. As of the end of June, 67 per cent of the targeted installation had been completed.

The city noted Installers continue to follow strict public health protocols, including physical distancing, use of masks, gloves and protective equipment, as well as disinfectants and hand sanitizer before, during and after each visit.

Residents will continue to be notified by mail when installations will be happening in their area. Installations take approximately 30 to 60 minutes and may require a short water interruption of about 15 minutes.

Residents who have already received their notification can book their appointment