Field Metering Services

in Canada

Count on us for solutions, not just products

ICONIX Waterworks offers a range of field services for water utilities, including notice delivery, meter testing, and maintenance. We also offer code compliance services, which include the inspection and repair of any non-conforming meters. Our field metering services include:

  • New meter installation, changes, and product sales
  • Meter maintenance, inspections, and testing
  • Large meter applications including chambers
  • Sub-metering applications (e.g. trailer parks, stratas)
  • Strata sales of large meters
  • Pay-per-read solutions
  • Curb stop locates
  • Integrated Cadastral Information (ICI) site surveys
  • Quality assurance (e.g. technical oversight of field implementation standards)
  • Product inventory database maintenance
  • Support for contractor resource management and deployment
  • Ancillary water meter work
  • Disconnects/re-connects
  • Load management programs
  • Customer notifications
  • Field meter retrofits
  • Training

Water Meter Testing

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