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Town of Aylmer Supply and install approximately 2,800 smart water meters which includes the connection of Itron radio transmitters and 2,650 backflow preventers. 
Balfour Community (Regional District of Central Kootenay) Supply and install approximately 255 Badger M25 water meters with ORION cellular LTE endpoints for all developed properties on the system
Bonnington Improvement District Supply and install approximately 148 Badger E-Series Ultrasonic meters with BEACON® Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) and ORION cellular LTE endpoints
City of Brantford Install approximately 3,300 water meters including remote reading devices for new and existing residential, commercial or business customers
City of Cambridge Supply and installation of 12,000 residential and commercial water meters
City of Castlegar Water meter automatic meter reading (AMR) upgrade and rectification program
Town of Cochrane Supply and install approximately 300 to 800 new water meters annually into newly constructed residential and non-residential buildings, irrigation systems; and to replace 200 to 300 existing in-service meters with new meters and radio read system
City of Cold Lake Supply and install 1,300 SmartPoint AMR devices on existing water meters
Comox Valley Regional District Supply and install approximately 1,330 smart radio read meters, setters and meter boxes on existing live service connections; 150 smart radio read meters on existing meter setters; convert/replace approximately 83 meters to smart radio read meters including the provision of handheld and mobile drive-by meter reading equipment
Town of Cupar Supply and install the Badger Meter BEACON® Advanced Metering Analytics and ORION LTE cellular network for approximately 285 commercial and residential customers
City of Duncan Supply and install approximately 2,800 water meters including outside pit installations
City of Fort Saskatchewan Supply and install touchread smartpoint radios over their existing touchpads
Town of La Salle Install 3,000 water meters and 9,300 transmitters
City of Leduc Replace 8,500 automatic meter reading (AMR) devices with an advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) to improve the City's ability to monitor and bill their customers
District of Lillooet Supply and install water meters from 2010-2012
Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake Install 3,500 water meters and 9,000 water transmitters (6-phase technology)
Norfolk County Convert approximately 14,000 customers to an automatic reading system
Town of Okotoks Supply and install 2,663 commercial meters and residential meters, plus 1,555 smart points
Oxford County Supply and install approximately 18,000 transmitters and 14,000 meters (replacement of existing water meters, installation of new water meters on unmetered services, and installation of radio transmitters on all new and existing meters across the County)
City of Prince Albert Supply and replacement or upgrade of residential water meters in approximately 11,217 existing accounts, including the supply, installation and calibration of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and related infrastructure
City of Rossland Supply and install approximately 1,800 Badger ORION cellular LTE endpoints on existing commercial and residential water meters
City of St. Catharines Supply and install a complete AMR drive-by system including 44,000 residential water meters and transmitters, 1,100 commercial water meters and transmitters, and a drive-by system
Town of St. Walburg Supply and install Badger Meter water waters and remote meter reading equipment for approximately 360 commercial and residential properties
City of Surrey Contract meter reading services; data acquisition, recording and transfer
City of Surrey Water meter maintenance and replacement project (providing maintenance of residential and commercial water meters from 2004-2017)
City of Surrey Water meter program: Combined City contract consisting of voluntary metering, mandatory/new construction, direct read conversions, CI&I, agricultural land reserve, large meter replacements, ancillary meter works, maintenance, and testing from 2012-2017
Thompson-Nicola Regional District

Supply and install more than 1,000 new meters at previously unmetered residential and commercial properties, upgrade approximately 44 existing residential meters

City of Vancouver Supply and deliver 1,000 1 inch water meter assemblies and 15 1-1/2 inch water meter assemblies complete with water meter, meter box and radios
City of Wetaskiwin Replace 2,760 automatic meter reading (AMR) devices with an advanced meter infrastructure (AMI)
City of Weyburn Supply and install approximately 3,900 new ultrasonic water meters with Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA)
Resort Municipality of Whistler Survey of 550 sites encompassing 800-1,000 industrial, commercial and institutional water meters (ICI) over three months of assessments
Wilmot Township Supply radio reading devices for all 4,500 residential water meters over the course of four years with an additional 120 to 150 new residential meters per year for new construction
City of Woodstock (Oxford County) Provide turnkey supply and install of new cut-in water meters and related equipment in order to support a universal metering system for the City


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