Our History

Our Service Runs Deep

We will find a way to get things done. ICONIX is a proactive partner dedicated to finding the right product and the right solution for those we serve. Our success goes hand-in-hand with that of our partners. People and products combine to create real solutions. We provide the means to keep both business and water flowing.

ICONIX has a long history of providing innovative water infrastructure solutions, starting out as a small waterworks company based out of British Columbia and growing organically and through acquisitions since 1999.


  • BC Gas Inc. acquires Western Water and Sewer Supplies (1978) Ltd., CPI Equipment Ltd., Aqua Flow Testing and Equipment, and Hydrophilic Industries.


  • BC Gas acquires International Plastics Ltd., Quality Pumps Inc., and Rocky Mountain Pump Supply
  • BC Gas becomes bcgSERVICES Inc.


  • bcgSERVICES acquires Alberta Irrigation Supply Ltd.


  • bcgSERVICES becomes Terasen Waterworks.


  • Terasen Waterworks becomes CORIX Water Products.
  • CORIX Water Products acquires Ontario Water Products.


  • CORIX Water Products acquires Edward S. Walsh Company.
  • CORIX Water Products acquires Specialty Equipment Ltd.


  • CORIX Water Products acquires Barber Group of Companies (Barber Engineering & Controls Ltd., Barber Valves and Controls, BG Controls, and Besco Industrial Products).


  • CORIX Water Products acquires Northern Pipe Supply Ltd.


  • CORIX Water Products acquires Interior Instrument Tech Services Ltd.


  • CORIX Water Products acquires an interest in Les Plastiques Desmarais P&F Inc., Produits Municipaux Sag-Lac Inc., and Géosynthétiques ZTG Inc.
  • CORIX Water Products acquires HB Jaeger Co.


  • The Deschênes Group acquires CORIX Water Products.


  • CORIX Water Products becomes ICONIX Waterworks, now a proud family member of the Deschênes Group.


  • HB Jaeger rebrands to ICONIX Waterworks.

Case Studies

ICONIX finds real solutions to real problems in real time. Check out our past projects.

The Deschênes Group

ICONIX Waterworks is a proud subsidiary of the Deschênes Group. Read more about DGI here.


ICONIX is proud to be part of the Deschênes Group, one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. Check out our open positions.