Montreal, QC
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Today marks the start of a new chapter and a new beginning for CORIX Water Products (CWP) and CORIX Control Solutions (CCS) as they announce their new names and brands.

The companies, previously part of CORIX Infrastructure, were purchased by the Deschênes Group Inc. (DGI) on January 1, 2018. Now, as proud subsidiaries of DGI, one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, their new names and identities better reflect their business and service offerings, and “link” them to their new ownership.

Every letter in the name “ICONIX” represents a value that is important to the employees at the company, from infrastructure – the core of their business – to connections, optimization, and network, while “CENTRIX” represents being “customer-centric” and at the “center” of our customers’ solutions. The inclusion of “IX” is a nod to their past as CORIX Water Products and CORIX Control Solutions but also represents innovation, experience, excellence, and expertise.

ICONIX has a long history of providing innovative water infrastructure solutions, starting out as a small waterworks company based out of British Columbia and growing organically and through acquisitions since 1999, including the acquisition of CCS in 2008. CENTRIX was originally formed in 1938 providing measurement and control equipment in Alberta.

“The introduction of ICONIX and CENTRIX marks an important point in time for our dedicated people. We can now build upon a strong history while shaping a future of fresh ideas for exceptional customer experience and support of our manufacturer business partners. While our people and values that contributed to our success don’t change, we are convinced these new brand introductions will provide a renewed sense of purpose and energy”, said François Deschênes, President and CEO of DGI.

“Although our name is changing, customers can continue to trust us for the local service, product knowledge, accessible inventory, and real solutions that they’ve come to expect over the past several decades,” said Tony Codispoti, VP and COO of ICONIX and CENTRIX in Canada.

“With our new name comes a refreshed commitment to bringing real time value to the communities we value and serve,” added John Henkels, VP and COO of ICONIX in the United States. “We’re excited about this new chapter and being part of the Deschênes family”.

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About ICONIX Waterworks

ICONIX Waterworks is an independent North American waterworks partner with a comprehensive selection of products, services, and solutions to meet today’s real world problems. With 43 branches across North America and more than 500 employees, ICONIX offers service and solutions that connect the essential resource of water to communities.

About CENTRIX Control Solutions

CENTRIX Control Solutions is a proactive partner that provides measurement and control equipment to the oil, gas, industrial, and municipal market sectors with more than 100 employees across six locations in Western Canada.

About the Deschênes Group

Deschênes Group Inc. is a private, family-owned company founded in 1940 and based out of Montreal, QC. DGI is the largest Canadian-owned company in its field and is a leading wholesale distributor that serves the plumbing and heating, electrical, waterworks, fire protection, HVAC/R, auto parts markets, and measurement and control equipment to the oil and gas markets. Since 2009, DGI has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

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Tony Codispoti
VP and COO ICONIX Waterworks, Canada

John Henkels
VP and COO, ICONIX Waterworks, US


*CENTRIX Control Solutions is a sister company of ICONIX Waterworks. Learn more at