Emergency Repair

ICONIX teams perform an emergency repair for a customer in need.

On March 13, 2023 at 11:10am, Trevor Hernandez, Branch Manager of the ICONIX Milton branch, received an urgent call for help from a customer who had accidentally hit a 4-inch pipeline with their excavator. Trevor quickly brought in Bo Zhang, Fusion Technician Lead, for his expertise. Bo assessed the situation and provided the customer with three repair options: butt fusion, electrofusion, and mechanical connection. Based on the situation on-site, the customer chose the mechanical connection.

Within half an hour of the initial call, Bo and Jamie Fudge, HDPE Fusion Technician, were on-site digging out the 4-inch pipe buried under the snow. They cut a 13-foot section of the pipe while Trevor and Drew Lindsey, Inside Sales Representative, worked with the ICONIX Ajax team to get a Waga coupler prepped for transfer.

Bo picked up the coupler from the Ajax branch and headed back to the site then helped the site crew install the coupler. By 2:30pm, the team successfully completed the installation and repair.

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“The customer was so happy and everyone on the site had smiles on their faces.”

Bo Zhang, Fusion Technician Lead

Timeline of Events

ICONIX is a proactive partner dedicated to finding the right product and the right solution for those we serve. We will find a way to get things done.


  • ICONIX Milton receives the call from our customer.


  • Trevor Hernandez and Bo Zhang contact our customer for further details --> Bo provides three repair options.


  • •Bo Zhang and Jamie Fudge arrive on-site and start assisting.
  • Meanwhile, Trevor Hernandez and Drew Lindsey work on transferring a Waga coupler from the Ajax branch.


  • Bo heads to the Ajax branch to pick up the Waga coupler.


  • Bo arrives at the Ajax branch, where Sean Black, Allan Gatchalian and Ryan King help load the Waga coupler.


  • Bo is back on-site, where seven works are waiting.
  • They double-check the broken pipe and begin installing the new Waga coupler.


  • The installation and repairs are complete!

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