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ICONIX Waterworks designs and fabricates standard and custom-engineered utility infrastructure systems and packaged solutions for municipal and industrial applications.

Our team offers a comprehensive and flexible approach to delivering the correct systems, from product and equipment supply to full system design, construction, operations, and maintenance.

We employ leading-edge technology at our facility in Langley, British Columbia to provide the best solution in the most cost-effective way with in-house design supported by CAD and instrumentation technicians.

Our complete offering of engineered products and systems includes:

ICONIX Waterworks offers complete packaged valve stations that provide time saving, cost-effective solutions. Our in-house engineering design team will work with you to provide valve sizing based on flow rates, ensuring optimum system operation.

Our systems are designed and assembled to the owner's specifications and include control valves and other components that are carefully sized and selected to provide for stable control throughout a complete flow range. Our valve stations can be assembled in precast concrete chambers that provide easy access and room for installation and service personnel. Instrumentation can be provided to monitor a variety of flows and pressures within the application.

ICONIX Waterworks supplies a variety of valve chambers to meet your project needs. Our in-house engineering team will work with you to design a custom-built chamber utilizing industry-recognized and approved products for reducing, metering, isolation, throttling, or balancing purposes.

Applications include:

  • Pressure management stations to maintain a constant downstream pressure regardless of the inlet pressure
  • Backflow preventer systems to minimize the risk of water contamination and system damage due to backflow
  • Flow metering systems to accurately monitor and control flow rates
  • Air valve stations to eliminate air from systems for optimal line flow performance
  • Level control systems to maintain and prevent overflow in tanks, towers, and reservoirs
  • Isolation valve stations to control the flow of media (water, sewage, etc.) for maintenance or safety purposes

ICONIX Waterworks manufactures a variety of pump packages. We can supply a complete range of products from simple pump/motor assemblies to complex, engineered pump and compressor systems that can include process instrumentation, variable speed motor drives, and complex control panels.

All of our systems are pre-piped, pre-wired, and tested in our facility. In addition, our equipment can be designed to meet a variety of certification needs including Lloyds, CCG, ULC, and DNV.

ICONIX Waterworks offers access hatches to suit your project requirements and specifications. Available in aluminum, 304 and 316 stainless steels, in standard or custom sizes, and with a variety of features, our hatches are designed to provide simple, safe, and secure access to underground structures.

Applications include:

  • pump stations
  • water and wastewater treatment plants
  • water meter pits
  • cross connection control vaults
  • parking lots
  • storm drains
  • maintenance holes
  • gas and water valve vaults
  • monitoring wells
  • reservoir inspection
  • lift stations
  • basin covers
  • fall through protection
  • vault platforms

ICONIX Waterworks manufactures innovative complete packaged systems enclosed in our fabricated buildings. These systems provide our customers with a complete one-stop solution, as they include HVAC, electrical, pumps, PRV stations, control panels, and eye wash stations.

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