ICONIX Name Change FAQs – Vendors

  • In Canada: CORIX Water Products LP becomes ICONIX Waterworks LP
  • In the US: CORIX Water Products (US) Inc. becomes ICONIX Waterworks (US) Inc.

If you require a copy of our certificate of name change, please contact us at inquiries@iconixww.com.

On January 1, 2018, CORIX Water Products was purchased from the CORIX Group of Companies by the Deschênes Group Inc. (DGI). Now, as a proud subsidiary of DGI, one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, our new name and identity better reflect our business and service offerings, and “links” us to our new ownership.

An “ICON” is a representative symbol of the highest achievement and importance. For us, that means being a beacon for our customers and partners. It also means being the standard-bearer for our industry.

The letters that form the name "ICONIX" represent key words and values that are important to all of us at the company:

  • I - INFRASTRUCTURE: Infrastructure represents the core of our business – water and wastewater products and services.
  • C - CONNECTION: We connect people to solutions, and our products and services connect communities to water.
  • O - OPTIMIZATION: We always strive to find the optimal solution for our customers.
  • N - NETWORK: We are part of a network that involves our suppliers, our vendors, our customers, and ultimately the communities we serve.

The inclusion of “IX” in our new name is a nod to our past as “CORIX”. The “I” also stands for “innovation” which we aspire to as we solve relevant problems for our customers, while the “X” also represents the “experience, excellence, and expertise” of our people.

The logo symbol that ICONIX uses is the core identifier for the Deschênes Group. The chain link symbol represents the strong connections between our companies, our partners, and the customers we serve.

In Canada, please continue to send your invoices to the address below:

ICONIX Waterworks Limited Partnership
1128 Burdette Street
Richmond, BC  V6V 2Z3
Email: ap@iconixww.com 

In the US, please send your invoices to the address below:

ICONIX Waterworks (US) Inc.
PO Box 2474
Snohomish, WA  98291
Email: ap.usa@iconixww.com 

Please direct any inquiries to our Accounts Payable team:

• In Canada: ap@iconixww.com

• In the US: ap.usa@iconixww.com


Our tax identification number has not changed. 

Our updated tax certificate may be requested by emailing us at inquiries@iconixww.com. Please include "Tax Exemption Certificate" in your email subject line.

Please continue directing any inquiries to your Account Manager.

Please note that our new email domain ends in “@iconixww.com”.

e.g. john.smith@iconixww.com